Anne Frank: Setting, Relationships, And Mr. Van Daan

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After watching Anne Frank the movie and reading Anne Frank the script, I noticed several clear point to discuss. Setting, relationships, and Mr. Van Daan are included in these points. Both the movie and the script clearly tell the story of this terrible time during the holocaust. There was a big difference from what I had imagined the setting to be while reading the script, and the setting depicted in the movie. When I reading the script, I had envisioned a smaller area with less tables and furniture, however when had watched the movie they seemed to have had more room that what I had pictured when reading. When reading the script, I believe the reason I had pictured the area they were living in to be smaller is because my prior knowledge of hiding during the time of the Holocaust had always portrayed hiding as an extremely small area, such as a hole underground. Although I pictured the area smaller when reading the book, both the way I imagined it and the way it was shown in the movie is a very compact place for two…show more content…
When listening to classmates read and take on their characters, I could hear the tone of voice change based on the characters moods when speaking to each other. When watching the movie my interpretation was benefitted by seeing the stage directions acted out. It is a lot different to see the facial expressions and to hear the actual ringing of the phone. Since the movie’s dialogue was almost identical to the script, the character interaction were the same interactions. The only big difference between interactions is the benefit of seeing the characters interact in the movie. Along with the setting and character interactions, another point I feel needed to discuss is the difference between how I interpreted Mr. Van Daan in the script and how I interpreted Mr. Van Daan in the

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