Will Smith Accomplishments

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Will Smith has set some good laughs and touched our hearts like in the movie after earth. The question is do you know where will smith came from? Popping in and out of movies songs and even shows. This essay will tells how and why will smith became the star he is today. The “American Dream” is basically a thought or general goal or an idea, that you try to achieve through the course of your life. Will Smith was a rapper, comedian, actor and became a producer. Furthermore he is an American that worked hard in his profession to build himself up and achieve his goals. As a result Will Smith became a successful and one of the most powerful celebrities in Hollywood. He has won many awards because he was intelligent and multitalented. Will Smith’s illustrious career began while growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a middle class family. He faced many struggles growing up with a single parent mother. For example, his parents divorced when he was 13. He is the second of four children of Caroline his mother. He has twin sisters, Pam Smith and Ellen Smith with his brother Harry Smith the oldest. He achieved the goals he never even thought of from middle class to the famous star. He had good grades, a high SAT and could have gotten into MIT college but had no intention of going to college.When Will was young he developed a comedy charm and started to rap at 10-12. Then at a party he met Jeffrey A. Townes and together they started rapping songs.…show more content…
Will Smith was on a roll, then he made Independence day in 7/3/96 which made
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