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Allison Lowery Ms. De Rosa Composition II 9/18/15 In Nora Ephron’s essay “The Boston Photographs.” the writer explains how she thinks it would be a good idea to have more photographs of death and dying published in newspapers. A lot of people think it’s not a good idea to publish death or dying in newspapers for various reasons. I believe there are both good and bad reasoning to show death and dying in newspapers. I agree and disagree with the author for different reasons. The writer believes there should be more photographs of death and dying in newspapers because it shows us more of what’s going on in the world. The issue with putting death on anything is controversial. Everyone’s opinion is different and does not mean one’s is more right than others.…show more content…
I don’t think that people should be afraid of death and dying. I think if death is being published it should be approved by the family members and loved ones to be in the newspaper. Not everyone would want pictures of their loved ones shown for everyone to see of their death. Others would approve to show the pictures and it could be used as educational purposes. I think people should see what’s going on in the world. I think a picture tells so much more than what words can. With today’s society and the TV shows, and video games I think death is pretty common for people to see. I also personally don’t think the pictures shown were graphic or gruesome i could see if they were showing the two lying there after they had fell to the ground it could be upsetting to some viewers. Like the time of 9\11 and all of the videos and controversy of everyone jumping out of the buildings wasn't to scare people but to show the world what was going on and how people in the situation were acting. Forman had said “invading the privacy of death” might be one of the things i disagree with the most in this reading. News of

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