Liberation War Speech

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Liberation of Bangladesh Or, Liberation War of Bangladesh Introduction: we know that the terms ‘man’ and ‘freedom’ are integrated with each other very deeply. They are so integrated that they can better be compared only to the two flowers bloomed in the same petal on the same brace of a tree. Man’s birthright: freedom is the birth right of man. No one has any right to snatch away this right. But as ill-luck would have been, we had to suffer under the shackles of slavery for long 190 years under the British colonial rule and about 25 years under the barbaric domination of the Pakistani rulers. Then we had to groan under the untold pangs and atrocities of these two autocratic rulers. Causes of liberation war: many are the causes of liberation war of Bangladesh. The British colonial rule ended up in 1947 with the birth of two independent states up in 1947 with the birth of two independent states called India and Pakistan Bangladesh became a province of…show more content…
Our victory is a landmark event in our national history. This victory has disproved the saying, ‘might is right’ and has proved the saying, ‘justice triumphs in the long run’. The victory reminds us of the heroic sacrifices mad by our heroic sons for the noble cause of freedom. It also inspires us to make their dream of building up our beloved motherland as Bengal of gold. We feel a great pride that our sons went to the battle of their own accord and were staunch to the end against odds uncounted. The world people were struck with wonder at the undaunted bravery and boldness of the freedom fighters. Thus the freedom fighters have conquered death by dying for a noble cause and left behind them an undying glory of dedication on the sands of time. They will remain ever fresh in the inner most hearts of the people like the luminous stars studded in the sky. Let me quote the words of the
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