How Did The Civil War Change Greece

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Greece is considered one of the greatest civilizations in history with revolutionary inventions and creations that forever changed the world. Even though Greece was altering other countries for centuries with these creations, the years during and following World War Two would forever change Greece. This was a time period in which the way of life in Greece changed completely, politically, socially and economically. Politically, foreign occupation divided Greece, due to the fact that Germany, Bulgaria and later Italy were responsible for creating a collaborative government (Merriman 1266-1271). The creators of democracy were no longer a democratic nation, as enemies of Greece controlled the government, which is only one of the numerous political…show more content…
The largest resistance groups being the National Liberation Front (EAM) and its military wing, the National People's Liberation Army (ELAS), which were by far the strongest resistance organizations in occupied Greece. Foreign occupation changed the Greek economic status. Socially, resistance groups were formed to participate in the Greek Civil War. Politically, these actions led to the demise of the Greek government. In order to fully understand the Greek civil war, one must grasp the knowledge that the Communists of Greece would stop at nothing to be victorious. The KKE truly altered Greece politically, economically and socially through their campaigns and desire for change. New ruthless terrorist organizations were introduced due to the communist party, such as the OPLA, the Organization for the Protection of the People's Struggle. (Netzley 142). The Communist party forever changed Greece because of the brutal Six-Year Civil War that was fought between the Communists and the Greek…show more content…
The return of the Prime Minister did not fix anything however. The only major change in 1945 was the Varkiza Agreement, which was an agreement that forced the guerillas to surrender their arms. The Civil War seemed to be ending; however the following year, ELAS enforced a period of “White Terror”, which resulted with the restoration of the king to Greece. The king returning escalated the war. In 1946, the war became a full-scale Civil War between the Communists and the Greek government. The failure of the Greek army to conclude the Civil War resulted in the continuation of the spread of Soviet-style communism, which was undesired by foreign

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