Charles De Gaulle's Speech

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Fighting a war is stressful, demanding, and empowering. During World War II, Charles de Gaulle lived in France and was dedicated to the liberation of Paris. The Germans inhabited France which gave de Gaulle the motivation to keep fighting until they were completely gone. In order to inspire the citizens to do something about it, de Gaulle gave a speech at City Hall that was broadcast all throughout the country. Charles de Gaulle’s dedication, nationalism, and sense of purpose made his speech effective because it impressed and empowered the citizens of France. Overall, it achieved its purpose because the citizens went up against the last of the German’s occupying their soil. Charles de Gaulle was immensely dedicated to the liberation of Paris.…show more content…
“The enemy is staggering, but he is not beaten yet. He remains on our soil. It will not even be enough that we have, with the help of our dear and admirable Allies, chased him from our home for us to consider ourselves satisfied after what has happened. We want to enter his territory as is fitting, as victors.” He is telling the citizens that it won’t be enough for France to just scare the Germans away, but they need to wipe them from France altogether. He is giving the citizens hope by telling them that the enemy is weakened, but he is also trying to cause unease among the citizens. By telling them that chasing off the Germans won’t be enough, they come to realize that they need to fight as well in order to be victors. He uses these examples to let the people know that fighting will be for the greater good of France. “This is why the French vanguard has entered Paris with guns blazing. This is why the great French army from Italy has landed in the south and is advancing rapidly up the Rhône valley. This is why our brave and dear Forces of the interior will arm themselves with modern weapons. It is for this revenge, this vengeance and justice that we will keep fighting until the final day, until the day of total and complete victory. This duty of war, all the men who are here and all those who hear us in France know that it

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