Liberalism Feminism

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Liberalism is a political philosophy founded on concepts of equality and liberty. It is based on the desire for an open-minded, tolerant and free society, where humans are rational, where every person is important and judged based on his own person not on his blood relations. These days, our society sees several changes. Each political party has its own point of view and chooses either to adopt or refute it. Liberal political parties choose to defend laws that allow civil marriage, women empowerment and freedom of press. Civil marriage is an official marriage performed and recognized by the government. Laws allowing civil marriage are defended by liberalists. In fact, liberalists are open to changes and believe…show more content…
Women empowerment could have three aspects: economic empowerment, social empowerment and political empowerment. Liberalists defends women empowerment and advocate them because society isn’t fair for women and ending that racism will have a positive impact on it. First, empowering women in economic life builds stronger economies, leads to the improvement of the quality of life. Women become part of civil society and can have a louder voice when advocating policies that will benefit their lives and businesses. Also, gender diversity leads to diversity of ideas of beliefs, of self-experiences. It helps businesses and target a wider audience. Furthermore, including women’s talents raise benefits; women tend to be more organized than men so may accomplish a lot more with their strategic mind. Second, empowering women socially through public education liberates them from the mistreatment, from the exploitation that prevents them from reaching their full potential. Women become more aware of their rights. Their earning increases, so does fertility, child mortality rates decreases and family health improves. Third, in a society where traditions are dominant, where women aren’t fully aware of their opportunities, they aren’t politically active. Women’s political empowerment by political participation in elections and in the government gives them a voice in the policies that affect their lives. In Lebanon, women are barely active in the parliament. By empowering them we move towards a stronger and more organized political parties, to a less corrupted society. This will promotes equality publicly. Finally, for all these advantages, liberal political parties tend to defend women empowerment’s
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