Essay On Right To Religion

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CONVERSION & RIGHT TO RELIGION PRESENTED BY SHASHWAT PARIHAR UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF PROF. UDAY SHANKAR Abstract: Right to religion is one of the fundamental rights which we INDIANS have been practicing from ages. Our ancient scriptures suggest that we follow the principle of “SARVA DHARMA SAMBHAVAH”. However during ancient subsequent conquests by different empires we somewhere brought degradation to these principles and a new dimension of Conversion was added to it. Conversion contributed to a great religious demographical disturbances throughout the length and breadth of India. Our constitution makers incorporated Right to religion as one of the most important fundamental rights, which…show more content…
The constitution does not defines religion but in Commr. HRE v. L.T. Swamiar court defined religion as:“Religion is certainly a matter of faith with individuals or communities and it is not necessarily theistic. There are well known religions in India like Buddhism and Jainism which do not believe in God or in any intelligent First Cause. A religion undoubtedly has its bases in a system of beliefs or doctrines which are regarded by those who profess that religion as conducive to their spiritual well being, but it would not be correct to say that religion is nothing else but doctrine or belief. A religion may not only lay down a code of ethical rules for its followers to accept, it might prescribe rituals and observances, ceremonies and mode of worship which are regarded as integral parts of religion, and these forms and observations might extend even to matters of food and
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