Freedom In Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Research Paper

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Erica Gaitan Mr. Javier World Lit, 2 21 September 2014 Freedom Has a Price Harm is caused by the amount of freedom and order one has been given. In William Golding’s novel Lord Of The Flies, a group of boys are stranded on an island after a terrible plane crash. These boys are left to survive and build their own democracy. Throughout world history, philosophers believed in what the significance of true democracy was. John Locke, a famous philosopher believed that a true democracy was possible. Locke also believed that citizens should have liberty, life and property. A democratic society should maintain a balanced amount of…show more content…
Free speech protects people from physical harm but causes unlimited emotional harm. “Nazi symbols, anti-Semitic slurs, and Holocaust denial, and speech that incites hatred on the basis of race, religion, and so forth. Rosenbaum cites recent studies that show that “emotional harm is equal in intensity to that experienced by the body, and is even more long lasting and traumatic.” Thus, the victims of hate speech, he argues, suffer as much or more than victims of hate crime.” (Epps 2) Free speech causes more pain emotionally than physically. People usually use their freedom of speech to state their opinion but others use it to hurt a person. Depending on how a democracy is built, it helps balancing order. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher with strong opinions about government. “Aristotle believed that a well structured democracy, in the form of a republic, could balance justice and order. Aristotle believed that democracy would only work when everyone, including the government, followed the same laws. His belief in “rule of law” meant that no person was above the law. Rulers had to be held accountable to laws and regulations just like everyone else.”(Philosopher readings) Aristotle’s belief in democracy shows that balancing order means the laws should be obeyed not only by the citizens but also by the

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