Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading The People

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Eugene Delacroix and Pablo Picasso paintings are both portraying scenes of war. Including the death of multiple people, the emotions of the fighters, and are both very telling. However, they have more differences than similarities. In Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People shows his support for the war. In the middle of the painting there is a lady (Liberty) holding a French flag as she rallies the citizens to charge. They look as if they could come charging out of the painting. On the ground as the citizens are charging forward you can see deceased laying there. The citizens carry the expression of determination. They are yearning for victory. In this painting I noticed that the deceased seem to have died almost peaceful like. The scene in this painting is not bloody or gory. There death had meaning to it. Eugene Delacroix's entire painting is very meaningful. It shows a different side to…show more content…
His painting expresses his support towards the war. His painting his more peaceful rather than Picasso’s painting, which shows a completely different view of war and portrays a different message. In Pablo Picasso’s Guernica is certainly different form Eugene Delacroix's painting. It’s harder to know and describe what’s going on in Picasso’s painting because there’s a lot to look at. There’s a lot going on in Picasso’s work. Guernica is more abstract than Liberty Leading the People. Picasso’s Guernica illustrates the bombing of Guernica. Lasting more than two hours, the aerial bombardment resulted in uncontrollable fires and the deaths of an estimated one thousand people. The primary purpose of the bombing was the intimidation of the civilian population (Ray, 2006). There was no real reason for the bombing of the town. They just wanted to see if an aerial bombing could take out the whole town. Unlike Delacroix's painting Picasso shows a very disturbing view of war and that the deceased did not die an honorable

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