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Compare and contrast the artistic interests and style of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Make reference to at least three works by each artist in making your answer. Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vinci are often referred to as the great masters of the high Italian renaissance and are in a way being viewed as a unit. However, despite the similarities in their interests such as, above else, naturalism and anatomical studies of the human body, there are significant differences both in artistic interests and style of the two artists. Both Leonardo and Michelangelo follow the basic principles of High Renaissance style in their aim to achieve perfection and naturalism in every aspect of their work. However, it is apparent…show more content…
This is especially visible on the differences between the two famous battle frescoes – Battle of Cascina (fig.4) and Battle of Anghiari (fig.5) that were commissioned for the Hall of the Five Hundred in Florence. Although neither of these works went further than preparatory cartoons and they are known from sketches made by other artists of the original work, their fame goes well beyond that . From what is known of Leonardo’s work, mainly from the later copy of Rubens, the composition is a tightly knit group of men and horses portrayed in the middle of a violent turmoil of a battle. The expressions of the fighting men and the entangled bodies of the horses emit an atmosphere of pain, anger and fear which is reflected in their facial expressions . Leonardo’s battlefield is described with astonishing detail, including blood and dust setting on the land and from his diaries it is known that he made lengthy studies of dust and the state it would take on in the middle of a battle

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