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Renaissance art is distinguished by its heightened awareness of nature and application of contemporary science. One of many famous painters was Leonardo da Vinci, who is recognized as one of the leading figures in the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci was a master of arts, captivating every aspect of nature through his fascination of the sciences. From his paintings to his sculptures, he was innovative and pushed the boundaries with everything he produced. He was intrigued by nature and fascinated by all its aspects, which helped him create a new standard in terms of technical refinement. He considered all manners of forms: plants, water, land, trees, animals, all of which he juxtaposed next to humans in order to symbolize their interrelationship.…show more content…
The writings reveal his philosophy and how he as a painter was responsible for producing artwork that captured nature at its finest. He believed that “painting represent[ed] the works of nature to its sense with greater truth and certitude than [words and letter]”(Leonardo 2). Through his paintings, Leonardo was able to immerse viewers in the world of the painting and provide his audience with a sensation greater than words could. To him, art was the unparalleled expression of nature, more worthy of words because “it is noble to imitate things in nature, which are in fact real images than to imitate in words, the words and deeds of man” (Leonardo 2). He always tried to out due all the effects that the poet was able to evoke. And to be creating a poem in paint was arguable…show more content…
He captures this in his paintings by setting women against landscapes to symbolize their connection with nature. The Madonna of the Rocks is an excellent representation of this theme. This painting shows the virgin and child, kneeling with Christ child, and angel, and John the Baptist. The setting suggests a mystical landscape through its wild uncultivated wilderness, irregular shaped rock formations, and botanical diversity. Normally paintings of Mary and Christ represented Mary queenly to symbolize her divinity and beauty. However, in the Madonna of the Rocks, Leonardo captures her gracefulness and beauty by representing Mary as an embodiment and projection of nature. All the components of the painting evoke a sense of mystery of motherhood. By surrounding her with nature, Leonardo is trying to suggest an intimate relationship between the virgin and nature. The female body becomes a personification of nature because of its ability to reproduce. Leonardo portrays Mary as an projection of nature to remind his audience of the magnificence of nature. Our relationship with Mary symbolizes our relationship with nature and its purity. Another painting in which Leonardo uses the juxtaposition of mother with nature is in Madonna, Child, and St. Anne. The religious picture is set against nature and also represents women with children and the capacity to give birth. St. Anne’s head is

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