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The Medici family was one of the most prominent families in Italian history. It started to rise to power in the 12th century, when members of the Medici family moved to Florence and started banking and commerce. Through the years, their power grew until they reached their peak, when Lorenzo de Medici ruled. He brought much political power to Florence and the family, but arguably more importantly he was a huge parton of the arts, making Florence the birthplace and center of the Renaissance. By acting as an agent of sorts for these artists, assisting them in securing commissions, he became a pivotal character in the development of the Renaissance. He once assisted artists like Botticelli in getting a commission from the Pope to paint the Sistine Chapel, a negotiation that fortified his alliance with the Pope, the most powerful person in the world at the time.…show more content…
da Vinci came to de Medici for help towards the beginning of his career, and de Medici referred him to the Duke of Milan, where he stayed for 15 years. Michelangelo, primarily a sculptor, entered the school of young sculptors in the Medici gardens in 1489. He lived in the Medici house after this for 5 years, until the Medici family was overthrown. Botticelli painted Primavera, one of his most well known works, for the Medici family in 1478. Until 1489, the year Savonarola was executed, he stayed with the Medici. In between 1481-1482, he collaborated with other notorious artists of the time in the painting and decoration of the Sistine

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