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Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous renaissance artists, he is widely known for painting the Mona Lisa and other great works of art. His scientific viewpoints on perception, light, and eyes had influence in the way he painted. Another philosophy that influenced his art work was his view on the arts; he believed that painting was the superior artform (Da Vinci) . Da Vinci made a great effort to show off how a painting can depict ideas and the imagination of an artist, better than a poem or a sculpture(Da Vinci). Both of his viewpoints on art and science have shined through greatly in his artwork. During Leonardo’s time the term science was not well defined, although he did refer to it as nature (Keele). In my opinion I feel that Da…show more content…
Da Vinci felt that painting was the superior of the arts, one of Da Vinci’s points was that a good painting should be able to be seen whole or in components, and still grasp the intent of the artist (Da Vinci). He also emphasized that a painting can depict any object or scene in an artist’s imagination, and because of this he felt that a painting is superior to a poem or a sculpture (Da Vinci).Da Vinci compares poetry and painting in this excerpt he states that, “the poet serves the understanding by way of the ear, the painter does so by the eye -- the nobler sense”(Da Vinci). By writing this I feel that Da Vinci felt strongly that paintings satisfied people more; because at the time not many people could read poems and they were expressed orally. He believed that if you were to put a word and a painting of the word people would always prefer the painting (Da Vinci). Da Vinci would also compare sculptures to paintings, he thought that sculpture’s had various limitations like not being able to show the, “colours of all things in their varying intensity and transparency of objects” (Da Vinci). This was not the only limitation he stressed he also argued that a sculpture cannot create an atmosphere while a painting could (Da Vinci). From my perspective I feel that his main point concerning artists and their painting is the ability to bring any idea to life, whether it is a, person, animal, landscape, or an

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