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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci or Leonardo da Vinci was a well respected man throughout the Italian Renaissance of well known intellect. Leonardo was known throughout the Renaissance as one of the greatest minds of his era. Da Vinci travel throughout lands to share his ideas, works, and creations.Some of his famous works are Mona Lisa, the Flying Machine, and The Last Supper. Leonardo da Vinci was a leading man in the Renaissance with many well known paintings and sculptures, inventions for others, as well as a scientific discovery known as anatomy. When da Vinci was of the age of 15 he was sent to Andrea del Verrocchio to be an apprentice in his workshop and learn of different art techniques including painting and sculpting techniques. “By…show more content…
Leonardo created another altarpiece named Virgin of the Rocks and depicts the Holy Family living in a cave. Leonardo also crafted one of many well known painting knows as The Last Supper, which shows of Jesus Christ and his apostles having supper together the night before Christ was to be crucified. When creating this painting da Vinci experimented with an oil-based medium paint, but it did not stick well and within fifty years all that was left of the scene was a series of confusing dots of the used to be…show more content…
In order to operate the machine, “ The pilot would lie face down in the center of the invention on a board. To power the wings, the pilot would pedal a crank connected to a rod-and-pulley system. The machine also had a hand crank for increased energy output, and a headpiece for steering. As the busy pilot spins cranks with his hands and feet, the wings of the machine flap. The inspiration of nature in the invention is apparent in the way the wings were designed to twist as they flapped.”(Flying Machine, Da Vinci Inventions). But alas, it never flew for such reason as a person would never have enough strength and energy to get it off the

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