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Born in Germany in 1685, George Frideric Handel was a musician, composer, and entrepreneur of the 18th century. As a child, Handel had a passion and talent for music. His mother supported his love for music; however, his father tried to discourage him from pursuing it. Nevertheless, Handel went on to having a music career as an adult and became one of the most famous opera and music composers during the Baroque period. Throughout his career, he traveled throughout Europe and that allowed him to meet the great composers that influenced his work. G.F. Handel was a great contribution to music in the Baroque period. During college, Handel studied law briefly; however, he dropped out of college and left for Hamburg, Germany. There, he obtained a job at an opera house as a back-desk violinist. During that time, he successfully composed his very first opera called Almira. The opera is a story about Queen Almira of Valladolid in Spain. The first performance for Almira took place in January 1705. Towards the end of 1706, Handel decided to move to Italy and further continue his career there. Italy lived many of Handel’s musical inspirations and influences, so he was able to meet those composers. Some composers were Arcangelo Correlli, Bernardo Pasquini, and Alessandro Scarlatti.…show more content…
This academy’s main purpose was to introduce Italian operas to the British stages. Deciding to spend the rest of his life in Great Britain, Handel became a British citizen in 1727. He continued to compose music such as coronation songs for the royal families. Some of them were the Coronation Anthems for George II and Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline. Besides anthems for the royal families, Handel continued to compose other works such as secular and church music. Some of his finest compositions written in this decade were Orlando, Alexander’s Feast, and

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