Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Comparison Essay

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The two poems, “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas, and “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”, by Emily Dickinson, show us two very different ways to convey the same theme, the theme of death. Thomas' poem shows us how to use imagery and metaphors to speak of the subject of death, while Dickinsons' poem seems to take a more gentle approach to the topic. These two poems are very different, in their own ways, yet also very similar. “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” tells of the shortness of life and the inevitability of death which we should choose not to accept easily. Thomas shows us the helplessness associated with getting to an old age and closing in on death itself. But, Thomas shows us that we should not give up. He tells…show more content…
Westphals' critical essay sees “He is advocating active resistance to death immediately before death, not sad mourning after it.” (Westphal) He tells us that that LaChance 2 the world is a place for things to be done. He tells us of all of the people who fight for their lives, instead of going gracefully. He portrays the stages of man's life in his comparison to "good men, "wild men," and grave men." (Thomas 636) Even the wisest of men try to escape the grip of death. When death is imminent, these wise people suddenly grow remorseful of the things they have done. They think that they have wasted their happiness on serious acts and this negative way of thinking often leads to their frustration. On the other \hand, men of action also repent as death nears, even before their actions are completed. Only “grave- men” (Thomas 636) have realized the inevitable truth about death. Thomas tells us that only mature men are ale to resist the fear of the inevitable because of their strong determination. Even with their bad eyesight they can see afar. Similarly to Thomas' poem, Dickinson reminds us how life can end all to quickly. She

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