Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the book Of Mice and Men you see a false portrayal of friendship between George to Lennie. George and Lennie have been together since they were young. After Lennie’s Aunt Clara dies, George and Lennie start working together. Lennie is mentally handicapped and does not mean to, but he keeps getting George in lots of trouble. Since Lennie keeps getting them in trouble it causes them to move around a lot trying to find work on different farms. Even though George takes care of Lennie and acts like they are friends, he still treats Lennie wrong. Everywhere they go George talks down to Lennie and talks bad about him to others, but after he explains that Lennie cannot help the things he does and means no harm. Then George turns back around…show more content…
Deceitfulness is a tool used in these kinds of schemes today. We try to force people into a decision by falsehoods and telling them that it will help them out more than any other decision they can make. This does not help our “friends” out it just gives us a way to benefit ourselves. I believe George likes Lennie but only because Lennie is a hard worker. The only reason George has not already rid himself of Lennie is because Lennie gets work done right, fast, and without any arguments against what he is asked to do. George is just using Lennie to get money, so he can get a farm of his own. We do similar things today just to get our way. Whether it be for money or some other apparent reason, we use the word friendship falsely to get the best outcome for ourselves. We never stop to think of what it might do to the other person. We are so caught up in our own greediness and selfishness that we never wonder if the other person is hurting from this situation or decision about to be made. If we were true friends to others, then we would actually stop to think what is best for them and not for me. George never takes the time to see that he is hurting Lennie. George is always so caught up in talking bad about Lennie that he never really considers something might be going
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