Comparing George And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is a novel about two migrant laborers – named George and Lennie – working on a ranch in rural California during the Great Depression. George and Lennie are both farmers and friends who find a decent job working on a ranch. Both George’s and Lennie’s life is going well until Lennie commits an inadvertent yet serious act: he kills Curley’s wife. Because of Lennie’s action, George has to make a choice about Lennie; and George decides to put Lennie down. By discerning the similarities and differences between George and Lennie, one can better understand their characteristics. George is a friendly, realistic person who will be the leader between him and Lennie. George is the leader between him and Lennie shown by…show more content…
While George is the leader between him and Lennie, Lennie is the follower. George, threatening to not let Lennie tend the rabbits, tells Lennie not to speak when they go to meet the boss at the ranch. Lennie mostly listens to George and does not speak; however, he finally speaks when the boss starts asking him direct questions. Although George is realistic, Lennie is naïve. Lennie believes that everyone gets along and that he will be able to tend the rabbits one day. While the other farmhands are making fun of Curley, Lennie is smiling and thinking about tending the rabbits. Curley, thinking that Lennie was laughing at him, insults Lennie and starts fighting him. Lennie does not know what to do; so, while Curley is punching him, he grabs Curley’s hand and breaks it in many places. Lennie was not trying to hurt anyone, but he reacted violently because he did not want to be hit by Curley. Lennie is similar to George in that he is friendly. Lennie is oblivious to most things and has an aura of innocence about him. Because Lennie is friendly, he becomes friends with Slim. Needing to get rid of his dog’s puppies and viewing Lennie as a friend, Slim lets Lennie take care of his puppies because he knows that Lennie really wants to pet a

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