Benefits Of Community Of Weston Essay

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Community of Weston The community is an urban area with kind and loving people. The community has minor business and very successful business. Weston has a railroad system for transportation and the 401 five minutes away. The community is a very multicultural area. Mike Sullivan (NDP) is the one who hosts parades, BBQ and circus acts. The town of Weston is a very wonderful helping community. In Weston village there are different types of people. Weston road community has a multicultural festival every summer. The festival has entertainment and serves free food to people who are celebrating. During the festival along Weston road the community members set up booths from selling handmade jewelry to used books to treats. My community is very based on multicultural people from all over came to live in Weston road. The benefits from living in a multicultural area is when the community gets together they get to communicate and share ideas so the people in the community can learn a new way of living. The disadvantage of living in a multicultural area is that you can lose your culture. If you want to know what multicultural is come to Weston.…show more content…
Senator Lennox Weston is giving Weston a positive performance for Weston for the first six months of 2015. The community of Weston has brought certain debt stocks up to date from the international monetary fund and local banks. Since Weston has caught to their debt they can finally do more for the community of Weston. Despite the good progress Weston has still more work to be needed to sustain progress. With Weston’s good progress Weston economy is close to $500 million would be needed to the areas of finical loss under a short time. Senator Lennox Weston added multiple projects that will cause a positive effect to Weston to Weston economy. With senator Lennox help the community of Weston will have a strong

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