Literary Conventions In The Iliad

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Title: The Iliad Author: Homer Publication Date: Around 700 B.C. Provide significant details about the author (120-1): Homer was a Greek storyteller/poet “from Ionia in western Asia Minor” who told his work to people (Beers 210). Style\5 conventions (121) - The five conventions are invocation, flashbacks, epic similes, metrical structure, and stock epithet. Philosophies (Women)- Homer’s philosophies about women is that women lead to no good since he changed the cause of the Trojan War to women starting the war. Woman fall into two groups “property and interlocutors for male characters” meaning they were more like support to the story ( Criticism- Criticism about the Iliad and Homer is that people believed he was a woman…show more content…
Historical(Greeks)-Some historical greek are Alexander the Great, Pythagoras, and Archimedes. Philosophical\3 Philosophers- A philosophy of the greek was”Greek philosophy grew to replace traditional religion as the educated person's guide to truth and morality” ( Three philosophers of the greek were Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Identify the genre (103-113):…show more content…
Also that warriors are more than just warriors they live a life, play and work in a jobs. Identify and explain one key metaphor (See questions and quotes in textbook or resources): One key metaphor is “Achilles went for [Hector], fast, sure of his speed as the wild mountain hawk, the quickest thing on wings,launching smoothly, swooping down on a cringing dove and the dove flits out from under, the hawk screaming over the quarry, plunging over and over, his fury driving him to break and tear his kill” ( metaphor describes Achilles killing of Hector, showing his determination and anger. Significant Characters (124-125): Major characters: Function in story: Character traits 1. Achilles :protagonist(hero): Achilles is impulsive and determined, and he gets offended quickly. Achilles also has excessive

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