Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Every man is for himself in this book, except Lennie and George. Lennie has lost everyone that is closest to him, so George takes care of him because Lennie is mentally handicap. Lennie and George travel around together working on farms. Lennie gets George into a lot of trouble forcing them to move around a lot. George gets angry and becomes ashamed of Lennie. Lennie wants something to call his own, so he always tries to pick up mice, which he pets to hard and kills. One day, after Lennie pet his newly born puppy to hard, he realizes that it is dead. Curley’s wife walks into the barn and says she is sorry that his puppy died, but if he wants to touch something soft, that he could touch her hair. Lennie innocently touches her hair and is too
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