Claire Vanderpool's Navigating Early: A Grand Mathematical Journey

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In, Claire Vanderpool’s, Navigating Early is a story of a grand mathematical journey. A journey spawned by the main character, Jack, being forced to leave his normal life in Kansas and travel into the foreign world of a boarding school in Maine. Here he meets his soon to be best friend Early. Early, much like me, is obsessed with the universal constant of pi (3.14….). Early becomes engulfed with the idea that the numbers are telling a story and leading him on a path to discover the legendary bear and then finally finding Fisher. Their journey throws many obstacles in their way as they travel along the Appalachian Trail. MVP is a story of a grand adventure around the world in forty days without flying. The main character Adam is approached by a man who used to be a Prince who persuades him to take the challenge of traveling the world with the promise of wealth and prosperity. So, Adam, a twelve year old, sets out on his adventure to travel the world and make it back to school in forty days. Through the story you realize that the challenge is secretly a game amongst people who are wealthy and used to hold positions of power.…show more content…
However, I believe Jack to be the most well equipped to succeed. Early in the story Jack’s life becomes difficult to navigate. I believe that Jack’s father had found deep struggles in navigating his and Jack’s life once he returned from the war; this difficulty was then compounded by the loss of Jack’s mother. So, he sent Jack off to school. Luckily, Jack and Early found each other, and Jack’s life could be navigated once again. I did not believe Jack was in a position to take the journey on by only himself. Early on the other hand has an amazing mathematical mind, and knowledgeable about the dynamics that accompany traveling the Appalachian Trail. Early is very capable of leading their

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