Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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George’s relationship is like no other relationship you have seen. The difference between you and a person is what makes up who you are in the world. The of Mice and Men is about these two boys out in the country looking for jobs, but are trouble is always following them. Lennie is a big strong guy, but is not so smart. George on the other hand is a very scrawny looking kid, but is the brains of the group. The story takes place in Soledad and it happens during the great depression. George and Lennie is different because of how they act. The difference between them is that George is the brain of the group while Lennie is not. While they are different, they actually have lots of similarities, like they both are very cautious. The novel of Mice and Men is written by John Steinbeck. If Lennie was not mentally impaired, the story would have gone very differently.…show more content…
For example,”Lennie!he said sharply.Lennie, for God” sakes don’t drink so much.”(Steinbeck 32) This quote shows how much George knows what to do in the world. He understands that things that look good can be mistaken. It shows how George is protecting Lennie because Lennie does not understand why you can not drink the water. This quote is important because it helps you understand the hardship George goes through to keep Lennie safe. George and Lennie have a very strange relationship, but nothing will break that bond between these two great
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