The Pros And Cons Of Post Collonization In India

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India, located in south east Asia, the second highest populated country in the world and the highest populous democracy in the world, a country which has the fastest growing economies post the freedom from the British colonisation, today is a newly industrialised country - with the 7th largest nominal GDP and having the 3rd largest army in the world. The land of pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic in today’s time has not always held these titles that it does now.

The British invaded India, in 1757 and ruled for almost 200 years, demolishing and ruining the country for mostly one reason - Make the British empire bigger and powerful. Repercussions are still being faced even after 69 years of independence. The lack of advancement in this…show more content…
Years have passed by and in 2010 India was appointed to host the games at New Delhi the capital, where i belong from. 

After the post colonisation, India grew a lot but still there were a lot of problems. Before the CWG took place for almost two years tons of money was spent on making stadiums, roads, housing for the athletes, transportation etc. All the investment was as an answer to the British with a sense of pride that the country that you ruined is doing so well. Some of the things were done for the betterment that the city of New Delhi is still benefitting from, like the housing is now government lands which is appointed to the people working for it with lower wages, the metro and roads - rebooted, connected the city making the traffic and transportation be smoother, but there was a backlash to this - the scams, the unfortunate press over some of the disturbances. Nearly 40,000 clusters of people living in slums were relocated causing a chaos. Campaigners in India have accused the organisers of enormous and systematic violations of labour laws at construction sites. Human Rights Law Network reports that independent investigations have discovered more than 70 cases where workers have died in accidents at construction sites since

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