Joseph Stalin's Marshall Plan

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Belligerent, aesthetic, and eloquent, Joseph Stalin would counteract Marshall Plan using Molotov Plan, massacre millions of his own people to obtain his power, and launch Russia into an industrialized era with purges, public executions, and ways of propaganda. Ruthless and blood full of paranoia, Joseph Stalin would obliterate anything blocking his goals and ascendancy. Marshall Plan, initially launched on April 3rd, 1948. It was invented to aid European countries after the calamity of War World II. Granting over five billion dollars to European countries was seen in the eyes of Stalin as “...a ploy by Truman. It [was] nothing like Lend-Lease- a different situation. They [didn’t] want to help us. What they [wanted was] to infiltrate European…show more content…
Stalin’s most famous way of terrifying his people were through purges. He massacred whole blood lines and staged public executions. “Death solves all problems- no man, no problem,” Stalin declared during one of his purge parties (BrainyQuotes). This was only the beginning to Stalin’s reign of terror. In advance to seize control of Czechoslovakia, “Stalin offered over 300,000 grains and oats to them as an exchange for their vote against Marshall Plan” (Matthew White). After suffering from a bad harvest, Czechoslovakia desperately needed grains, leaving them vulnerable to the Soviet Union’s aid. The Soviet Union’s army multiplied by the millions during Stalin’s dominance. “I believe in one thing, human will,” Stalin would say to his soldiers, boosting their confidence (CCCP). With these numbers and Stalin’s strategic ways, many of his soldiers would succeed in pillaging factories and small cities, gathering supplies and influencing Stalin’s terror. Stalin lead Czechoslovakia to fall under the Soviet Union’s reign of power, displaying his incredible leadership skills. Czechoslovakia doesn’t even exist due to Stalin’s legacy of destroying…show more content…
Marshall Plan, already persuading European countries to allow United State’s aid was a major threat to Stalin’s influence of Communism. Stalin needed something to distract the countries from Marshall Plan. Molotov, Stalin’s right hand man, decided to invent Molotov Plan, a replica of Marshall Plan, but funded by the Soviet Union. “History has shown there is no invisible armies,” Stalin said during the speech on Molotov Plan (Goodreads). Since Molotov Plan was already supported by Romania and other Communist nations, Molotov Plan looked as if it would overthrow Marshall Plan. Molotov Plan only caught the eye of a few countries. Marshall Plan still outshined Molotov Plan. Due to lack of European interest, Molotov Plan failed and Marshall Plan was launched. “The only real power comes out of a long rifle,” threatened Stalin to the United States (UCCP). Stalin’s impeccable skills to invent a counteract against Marshall Plan required ingenious leadership skills. “I don’t trust anyone, not even myself,” said Stalin when the USSR asked if Stalin trusted the United States (UCCP). To this day, Russia cannot decide if Stalin was a mass murderer, or the nation’s

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