Aptitude Test Assignment

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Second, although aptitude tests serve the core purpose of determining learning capacity, the capacity must be accompanied by the appropriate learning experiences in order to become a developed skill or competency or ability (e.g., Anastasi, 1982). In other words, musical aptitude must be accompanied by training in music in order for a person to become a musician and thereby exhibit achievement in music. Equivalently, numerical aptitude must be accompanied by coursework in mathematics in order for the person to achieve competency in mathematics. Moreover, individuals exhibiting adequate aptitude to learn and to perform well in a scholastic or training program may fail to perform well for a variety of reasons not appraised by aptitude tests – for example, low motivation, poor study skills, personal dilemmas, and illness. Scholastic aptitude tests are extensively utilized in the selection of students for entrance to programs of higher education and for decisions regarding financial aid granting, scholarships and fellowships. Tests used for…show more content…
Primarily, the researchers believe that there is a need to increase awareness of the students’ achievements that predict their eventual success to assist them in enhancing their college readiness skills. The objective of the author’s bulletin is to highlight student-level indicators in both the high school and middle school that predict college accomplishment. In this study, predictors are divided into three categories: test scores (e.g., SAT exam scores), transcript attributes (e.g., course difficulty), and supplementary indicators (e.g., attendance) that affect academic performance and achievement of students. Comprehension of these indicators can facilitate administrators and educators working to determine whether students are attaining improvement toward achieving academic proficiency in the college
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