Learning Disability Problems

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The term conditions such as perceptual disabilities, brain injuries, minor defects in the brain and dyslexia takes. The definition of those students who because of disabilities visual, auditory or motor, as well as mental retardation or exclusion of environmental, cultural or economic, are experiencing learning difficulties, does not include . Slow is not synonymous with terms such as reading or learning disability compensation. This definition refers in particular children and young people with severe learning disabilities are special. Students with special educational needs that are the problem, according to Ames with special exercises, unusual and quality have an unusual deal that apart from the regular educational practices that most…show more content…
Why is it important to recognize that learning disability? Kids are influenced a great achievement for the confidence and positive mental image he has of why failures absolute or relative school an important risk factor for the development of disorders Psychiatry The next Is. Usually "These children are trapped in a cycle of negative emotional. That is, the inability of study leading to a feeling of failure, self-confidence weak, anxiety, depression and impairment of social competence is the case with the child's ability to participate actively and effectively in school affairs interfere and learning problems children greatly increased and intensified learning disorder is increased above the child's condition is…show more content…
Reading disorder to disorder is more common spelling and mathematics. In some cases, the combination of all three disorders may be seen. Learning disorders common in boys than girls. The ratio of boys and girls sometimes five times is three times. Treatment of learning disorders : With testing, it becomes clear that the child is having trouble in these areas and About learning What Size And The problem learning She To which one From problems Perception , Memory , Language , And ... Related The Be. Then one Plan Training Individual ( IEP ) Based on the child's areas of strength and weakness is prepared What should teachers and parents To know: · With the right support and appropriate intervention these children can succeed in school. In dealing with these children, consider the following: · Children Conversation The And To Way Open And Clear She And From The problem That At Not to mention learning context. · Reminded him that learning and education are required in a different way. · Know his strengths and talents and to develop them, encourage them

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