The Role Of Dyslexia In Reading Rockets

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Reading Rockets offers a variety of important information regarding dyslexia. This website contained information about what dyslexia is, how common it is, what the effects of dyslexia are, how it is diagnosed, signs of dyslexia, how dyslexia is treated, and the legal rights of a person with dyslexia. According to the website, “dyslexia is a language-based learning disability” ( This is disability make learning much harder for students as they often confuse letters when reading or writing. Students with dyslexia can qualify for special education resources, an individualized education plan (IEP), or other accommodations and supports. It is not uncommon for students to have this disability as it permeates over 10% of school population through the nation. There is not a particular group affected from dyslexia as it occurs in all different backgrounds, physical or intellectual levels. Students with dyslexia can be gifted in other areas such as art, drama, math, or music.…show more content…
If an individual was unfamiliar with dyslexia, he could use this website as a resource for learning more information about this disability. The website is clear, concise, and straightforward. However, it is a helpful resource to use when necessary. Additionally, the website is aesthetically pleasing and contains numerous key text structures. Some of these text structures include headings, definitions, and bulleted points. Overall this is a exceptional website to use in gaining more information about this topic. However, one ear of improvement for the Reading Rocket website is for more visual images, tables, charts, or diagrams. This would further add to the prevalent

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