Later Start Times Essay

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Teachers wonder why some students are getting bad grades. Did the teachers or district ever stop to take into consideration on what might change if schools started at a later time? With schools starting so early, it might have a large effect on the grades the students are getting. Multiple research studies show that students of all ages perform better with later start times. This could be agreed upon for many reasons. Take a look into a high-school classroom, what you will mainly see is a teacher talking with blank-faced students, staring at their desk or pretending to know what their teacher is talking about. Most of the students thinking about how they didn’t get to bed until 2 a.m. because of the homework we have to turn in the…show more content…
Instead they’re getting two hours less than recommended causing a decrease in grades and school performance. Without getting the correct amount of sleep, students lack the ability to learn resulting in the loss of concentration and eventually falling asleep in class. With the lack of sleep, the risk for physical illness can raise dramatically. This can start anywhere from sickness to physical pain or a change in behavior. A change in behavior for example, is the taking in of alcohol or cigarettes for the decrease of stress, or even a change in attitude that can lead to depression. Is this really what the schools want? Failing grades, illnesses and stress? Though this has been talked about for many years, why hasn’t there been change? Changes need to be made to school schedules to prevent students from sleeping less. Researchers have also shown that even an extra 35 to 45 minutes can make all the difference. What many teachers and district offices do not understand is the fact that with the early start times, this has a result of many students getting bad if not failing grades. With a high school full of students who did not get sleep the night before, you will not see them putting forth the effort. Most of them will be getting their work done quickly without trying to make it seem as if the day is going by somewhat quicker. On the side of students just not trying, there will be the
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