Critical Analysis Of George Eliot's Silly Novels By Lady Novelists

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This essay will provide a critical analysis of an extract from George Eliot’s essay ‘Silly Novels by Lady Novelists’. The passage under consideration is the passage in which Eliot discusses the epithet ‘Silly’ and the women novelists have not used their positions in society to the best of their abilities. Eliot believed that in the 19th century there was an enormous difference in the writing of men and women and so she wrote this essay in order to highlight the reasons for this and in order to show the shortcomings of the few women who were in the position to make a difference but instead wrote pieces that had little to no impact upon the society which they lived in. This extract appears in the middle of the essay in between the authors analysis…show more content…
Eliot makes grat use of this in order to present her argument in a strong manner which is accessible to all in order to gain as much support as she could. Eliot made her argument clear and concise in this essay but makes great use of language in order to get the reader to think as she does. Through the use of her sarcastic tone she is able to present these ‘Lady Novelists’ in a manner which she can later use to critique the trappings of society. She beings her essay saying explaining how these lady novelists have created the novels which are meaningless in nature at they do not try to change society, yet is able to mould these as a motivation for women to challenge these societal ideals and to challenge the preconceptions that men have about women. Eliot makes use of yet another type of rhetoric techniques by presenting the injustices of society against women in a manner that is accessible to all in order to appeal to their logical ideals in the hopes of sparking emotion amongst her audience. Eliot presents the thinking of men towards women as logical when they are looking upon these silly novelists and so is able to present these views of women being inferior to men in a manner which seems true until she later bashes these view by putting forward that woman are to be treated equal as men. As a result Eliot is to promote her argument and to present her argument to those who in her eyes are blind to the real problems of society, often these ‘Silly Novelists’ and through the use of these rhetoric techniques is able to convey her meaning in a manner which will evoke emotion in the hopes that this will

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