Summary Of Two Ways To Belong In America

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Does a person’s culture influence the way he or she views the world? Culture sometimes influences the way a person views the world because you can choose if you want to live your culture or to adapt to a new one. Most of the things we do today have nothing to do with our culture so it is easier to adapt to a new way of living. Also some people might find it hard to live their culture and try to fit in with others around them so they begin to lose sight of their culture. One of the articles that we read in class was very relatable to this topic. The article is called “Two Ways to Belong in America”by Bharati Mukherjee. In this article it states, “ America spoke to me- I married it- I embraced the demotion from expatriate aristocrat to immigrant…show more content…
In this article the main character Dee is determined to stay connected to her cultural roots. “What happened to ‘Dee’? I wanted to know. She’s dead, Wangero said. I couldn’t bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me”(62). In this she is saying that she does not like her American name so she changes it to fit her culture. The last article that I found related to my topic is title, “An Indian Father’s Plea” by Robert Lake. This story is about and Indian family trying to adapt to the new customs of American Schooling. “Yesterday, for the third time in two weeks, he came home crying and said he wanted to cut his hair. He said he doesn’t have any friends at school because they make fun of his long hair”(78). This quote is explaining how Robert Lake’s son is not fitting in with the other students at school so his son decides that he should change so that they don’t make fun of him anymore. In my life I have had very few experiences in which culture sometimes affects a person’s lifestyle. My family doesn’t follow many traditions connected to our culture but we have created some of our own. We still do many things connected to our culture but we just don’t enforce it too much. Although we have adapted our lifestyle to make it more modern my dad still reminds us not to forget our cultural

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