Educate Together's Ethos In Schools Essay

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Ethos can be described as the values and aims invested in the spirit of a particular thing, such as schools, communities and clubs. Educate together’s ethos revolves around four guidelines; co-educational, multi-denominational, democratically run and child-centred. It strives to provide equality for all children that attend the school regardless of ability or background. Educate together aims to teach the children life skills for an increasing diverse and varied society. Educate together’s vision statement is “Learn Together to Live Together- No Child is an Outsider” (Guest Lecture 2015). The aim of the school is that the ethos is shown through all aspects such as interactions, policies and plans. Educate together have created an ethos committee in each school which monitor how the ethos is being put across (Guest Lecture…show more content…
Education for Persons with Special Needs Act 2004 (EPSEN Act) is a very important document. It incorporates inclusive education, where it is in the best interests of the child and there is sufficient resources for their needs (Government of Ireland 2004). There are three types of classes the child with SEN attends; mainstream classes in mainstream schools, special classes in mainstream schools and special schools (Citizens Information 2012). This gives a broad range of supports to a child with different SEN. The child has the option to attend a setting that will support their needs, not necessarily a special school. A child with a SEN can be provided with a special needs assistant to aid the child to succeed in the classroom setting. They provide a non-teaching aid for the child. The special needs assistant can be part-time or full-time depending on the child’s needs (Citizens Information 2014). This provides the child with SEN the resources they need to excel without putting strain on the learning

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