The Pros And Cons Of Passive Euthanasia

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Though physician-assisted suicide is not legally permissible everywhere in the US, Passive Euthanasia is legally allowed on certain constitutional grounds in the US. The studies show that there has been wide abuse of passive euthanasia. These situations raise a need for stringent legal measures and strict interpretation of the constitutional rights of the terminally ill patients. This article furnishes constitutional rights which protect the terminally ill patients from the misuse of passive Euthanasia. The word Euthanasia originates from Greece which means good death. Euthanasia refers to the termination of the life of a person to relieve him of unbearable pain and suffering. There are different types of Euthanasia, they are: 1. Active Euthanasia- The death of the patient is caused by an act. For instance, a person is offered heavy dose of medicine. 2. Passive Euthanasia- It is the form of Euthanasia in which death is caused by omission. This can be done by withdrawing life supporting treatment and nutrition. 3. Assisted suicide- It refers to the intentional speeding up of death by a terminally ill patient with the help of a doctor, relative or another person. It is definitely possible to say that there has been abuse of Euthanasia and assisted suicide in places where it is made legal. One such incident took place in…show more content…
Glucksberg was also a 1997 case which challenged the constitutionality of the Washington’s ban on Physician assisted suicide terming it as violative of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the ban and found it not to be inconsistent with the Fourteenth Amendment. The Supreme Court confirmed that the concept of personal autonomy in the Due Process Clause protects many of the liberty interests of the people but all intimate and personal decisions are not so protected. The right to assistance in committing suicide is therefore not a fundamental liberty interest protected by the Due Process

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