First Language Acquisition Essay

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First language acquisition is an amazing accomplishment, it is a task as amazing as no other. Not only for a child but also for the parents. When a child utters a single word, parents feel very happy for their child that she or he has started to speak. A child early literacy is very much important. The pointed out that on the onset of language learning, a child is much focused about language that he or she hears. And then at the end of journey, every normal child develops an intact linguistic system that is helpful for him to interact with others and enable him to express his need and feelings. A number of studies have been conducted on parental or parental attitude for development child’s language skills in the mother tongue and the second…show more content…
Objectives In order to achieve this goal or this aim the interviews will be conducted in order to come to know that how the parents are involved in their children language development. Through interviews, we will be able to find out useful information about families with different cultural backgrounds, their educational levels, ages and other issues. Data analysis As a child started to live with his parents from the very first day and started hearing what his parents speak. He acquires his parents’ language at a very early stage because every child is biologically programmed to acquire that language which is being spoken in her or his surroundings. A quantitative approach for data collection will be used in order to achieve the objectives of the present study. The data for research will be collected with the interviews especially from mothers, because they much involved in writing speaking and reading comprehension with their children and motivated their children by buying or borrowing books. In addition, as we strongly believe that a child uses mother tongue at home in addition to 2nd language. We will see that which type of error correction strategies use for productive skills and is there some difference between mother and father error correction

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