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Architects, engineers, and interior designers have long been waiting for a perfectly suited decorative light for interior designs. But the long wait is over with the birth of LED or Light Emitting Diode. LED has revolutionized interior lighting with its low cost, low power, high efficiency features. It can even replace incandescent bulbs for the home lighting. In this article we will be discussing the characteristics or features of LED as an innovative interior lighting. We will also discuss the possibilities and a few techniques on how to use LED in interior design. And lastly, we will talk about a few examples of LED which can be useful for interior design and specific purposes. Why LED? LED is generally cheaper, low-voltage, decorative,…show more content…
This will be great for those who would want to customize the color for their lamp. They would not be limited to just the yellow or white light but, with LED, there are rainbow colors or even light toned ones. This will be very nice to look at and friendly to the eyes. Surely, they would complement and reflect the kind of personality that you have. LED Light Reflections Reflections complement interior designing. They can illuminate and intensify light. There are LED mirrors which you can experiment on to achieve the right blend and tone of light. LED mirror is a combination of a mirror, board and a clock. It informs you about the time, aside from its intensifying and illuminating properties. Just experiment on where to place it. It can give differing lighting effects depending upon its location. Wall Lighting as an Art The wall is a potential site for lighting design. It is where paintings are placed. It can be painted too, or it can be covered with coatings or decorative wall papers. Why be content with coating or wall papers? Decorate it with LED lights. It can give you the proper atmosphere for lighting effects. Your visitors too can be amazed at a lighting art on the wall--a unique kind of work of

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