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Abbey Ellis 8-21-14 Period 4 Milton Glaser Milton Glaser, born June 26, 1929, is one the most celebrated graphic designers of all time. From ad posters and book jackets to soup cans and signage, Glaser has designed it all. He has been the subject of many interviews, retrospectives, and tributes. His innovative work has not only been featured in numerous galleries and museums, but has changed the face of graphic design for the better. Milton Glaser attended the high school of Music and Art and the Cooper Union art School in New York before receiving a Scholarship to the Academy of Fine Arts located in Bologna, Italy. There, he studied etching under Giorgio Morandi. In 1954, Glaser co-founded Push Pin Studios along with Reyonld Ruffins, Edward…show more content…
The most important change in the design world since Milton Glaser started, is the acceptance of the fact that design is an essential part of the process of business. Companies have accepted that it is too important to leave in the hands of non-designers. Glaser shortened the nature of his work in to one word: clarity. Some of Glaser’s designs appear to be misleadingly simple, but that’s the point. You understand immediately what the image is meant to call forth Abbey Ellis 8-21-14 Period 4 and how it applies to the product being branded. Milton Glaser's work is easy to spot in a lineup - - it's simple, direct and clear. The logo Glaser created for the Brooklyn Brewery is a perfect example of his efficiency. The design is clear and simple, still grabbing your attention conveying the company being advertised. His closeness to our culture allowed him to change the design world. Milton Glaser once said, “To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.” This depicts his design style superbly. To him, designing is communicating a message by whatever way you can convey what you want to convey. Milton’s style is clean but it gets the message across to his audience with one

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