Comparing Nissan GT-R And The Dodge Challenger

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Name: Feras Alsanousi ELI 106 W The Nissan GTR And The Dodge Challenger " Ride or die, remember? " ( Fast and Furious 7 ) They were the last words Dominic said to Brian at the end of the movie. The last three movies of Fast and Furious were exciting races between Dominic's Challenger and Brain's GT-R. In the Races, they were always tie between them. The GT-R is the most preferable car for Brian, and the Challenger is the most favorite car for Dominic. Although the Nissan GT-R and Dodge Challenger are Daily usage cars, they are different sport luxury coupe cars because of the designs, engines, and features and prices. First of all, the GTR and the Challenger have two completely different designs. The GT-R is designed in Japan, but the…show more content…
The Nissan GT-R has a 3.8-liter-twin-turbocharged V6 engine that makes 545 horsepower, but the Challenger has 6.2-liter-supercharged V8 engine that produce 707 horsepower. The way of driving those cars are quite different and hard for beginner drivers. The GT-R has different mode of driving such as economy for comfortable driving, sport exciting driving and sport plus racing driving. The Challenger has two keys limit the engine power. There is the black key that just use 400 horsepower of the complete 707 horsepower which is for daily usage, but the red key gives the maximum 707 car power, so the red key uses for the racing mode. The GT-R engine can hold out many adjustments up to 1500 horsepower. There are many accessories can be put in the GT-R engine like the headers, cam, exhaust, and X pipes which could enhance and make the car run faster and better. The Challenger does not need adjustments because it has a powerful engine that does not need to adjust on it. The old models of the car need to adjust because the engine was not very powerful, and it was weak for the car body. The best adjustment for the Challenger is to change the tires to racing tires and put a racing fuel instead of regular fuel. The GT-R engine can be enhance in multiple different ways similar to the Challenger

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