The 5E Instructional Model

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During the Evaluation Phase, I would get each student to look through a magazine and find clothing and glue the clothing on a chart of the four seasons (Manitoba Education and Training, p. 1.61, 1999). Having the students looking through a magazine and finding the clothing would allow the students to critically think about other articles of clothing beyond what I had presented during the sorting activity. The student might find a page of different hats in a magazine and be able to sort through, choosing the best hat for each season. Having each student make a chart of the clothing best suited for each season allows me the chance to evaluate each students learning. I am able to look at the paper chart of the four seasons they have created and…show more content…
Each section of learning is broken down in the 5E Instructional Model, from the beginning stages of engagement to the evaluation phase. Using the 5E Instructional Model is excellent for breaking down the main lesson objective, and the user has the freedom to work through the model as it suits them best. The 5E Instructional Model can be used by beginning with the main idea and then working towards how you will assess their learning or the user can begin by deciding how they will assess their students learning and then working backward to deciding how they will engage the student’s learning. A positive aspect of the 5E Instructional Model would be that it gives a brief description of the expectations of the students and the teacher for each phase. Another positive aspect of the 5E Instructional Model is the ability to see the main lesson objective at the top and then the lesson is broken down into each phase of…show more content…
During my practicum, I was asked to come up with my own lesson plan template. I wrote a very simple lesson plan with a section for the lesson objective, the materials I needed, and the length of time, and a brief description of the engagement and exploration phase. The lesson template was simple and easy to glance at quickly. Teachers teaching multiple lessons per day won’t necessarily always have the time to fill in each box of the 5E Instructional Model for each lesson. Although I probably wouldn’t use the 5E Instructional Model in my future teaching career, I think the 5E Instructional Model is a beneficial lesson plan to study as it teaches educators to look at and break down each step of the learning

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