The Origin Of Evil In The Story Of Genesis

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Every story of creation comes with an origin of evil and the importance of the role of evil in religious and cultural life. The common link between these stories of origin is the “evil or the wrongdoing ”. The serpent primarily exists only in the story of Genesis, while others stories such as the Coyote and the Dogon myths have similar figures that are sinister like the serpent. There is an agreement that the serpent could be considered a figure that is in any of the creation stories. The serpent was a defying agent against Gods chain of power and the good the Lord made “God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good” (Gen 3:31). The characters are different in the sense of sinister, they have become a part of our existence…show more content…
The Jackal could be the most sinister figure for the Jackal was created because of God’s desire for coitus. “Amma, being lonely and desirous of intercourse with this creature, approached it...the termite hill rose up, barring the passage...he cut down the termite hill and had intercourse with the excised earth” (Griaule, 51). The God Amma had raped Mother Earth and produce the Jackal. This harsh making is a symbol of disorder, chaos, evil and cruelty. The Jackal an outcome of God’s mistakes with this darkness lead the Jackals motivation and actions to be sinister. Amma’s actions towards creation became shoddy the second he raped the Mother Earth and soiled her goods. The Jackals existence because of God is just wrongfully, and the Jackal exists as the mistake that is to remind God Amma of that cruelty he laid on the
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