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Whether looking for wherever you go you can see everything is Korea trend. For the example their fashions Korean style, Korean Restaurant, K-pop music and the plastic Surgery to provide like a Korean people. It is undeniable that in the current Korea culture is growth in Thailand it’s come in a greater role in daily life. The factors that contributing the Korean culture has huge a role of Thai teenagers it is coming from Korean culture histories, Korea wave in Thailand and the effected of Korea culture in Thailand. The Korean culture was began in 1990 and fast growing popular in Asia in 1997 when the drama, What is Love All About, started run on Chinese television. (Kim, 2007) Since 1997 Korean culture was boom and most popular in Asia more…show more content…
After the drama will have propagated making other drama such as Full House (2006), Princess House (2007) or Pinocchio (2014) come to Thailand increasingly. Except the Korean drama it also include to Korean Stars and Korean pop music too. The famous Korean pop stars who many people know for instance Yun En-Hae the famous actress of the drama, Princess House, Rain (Song-Ji-Hun) is actor and singer he is popular throughout Asia and Europe. Korean pop stars have a big impact on consumer culture, including food, fashion, make-up trend and even plastic surgery. It is not uncommon to find Asian youth decorating their backpacks, note-books and rooms with photographs of Korean stars. In the streets of Bangkok and Hanoi you can find a youth members of the ‘Korea Tribe’, or Koreanophiles, sporting multiple earring, baggy hip-hop pants, and the square-toed shoes of Seoul fashion. So popular are Korean actresses Kim Tae Hee, Song Hae Gyo and Jeon Ji-hyun it has been reported that their wanna-be fans in Thailand and China request their facial feature when going for cosmetic surgery (Joins.com, 2010; Straits Times, 2002a, 2002b). Korean pop music is a one of Korean wave that have a role in Thailand society. When a few year ago, GangNam Style, was a popular Korean pop music in among of Thai people. If say about Korean…show more content…
It is fashion, food and K-Pop Star’s fan club. The first effect is the problem of extremism about artists in teenagers. Fondness in Korean pop stars and Korean pop music are rapid growth in Thai teenagers and working age, especially teenagers who are often crazy in Korean. Currently, there is new name for call the people who are crazy Korea is Ting. After the new new applied in social feedback has positive and negative from them. Korean fashion and Korean food both are popular in Thailand. Every department store, have many Korean restaurants and Tokboki is a famous Korean food that Thai people know. The most important effected of Korean is plastic surgery because the obsession with plastic surgery in South Korea encourages us to reevaluate beauty and societal norms. We will have viewed from beauty business is more widely. Makeup and dress are factor of Korean wave that can see in social they must be dress look like a Korean people and tourism business also fast growing

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