Marx And Mussolini Analysis

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When the modern capitalist society has been emerged, capitalism has massive impacted on many social aspects. The system had led to the dissolution and to an end of the Feudal system during the Middle Ages. There are many political thoughts, which consisted of significant frameworks for reforming and making some new changes to the society. In this essay will mainly focus on two main political ideologies and see the differences between these two houses, which are Marx and Mussolini. First, the German thinker, Marx, and a letter called “ Manifesto of the Communist Party”, bring about the concept of communism…show more content…
As a result of capitalism, there were class struggles between “Bourgeoisie” the middle class and “Proletarians” working class. When money and profits are the most significant in the capitalist society, the employers treated their workers poorly, such as excessive working hours and received lower wages. The exploitation of the lower classes led to form the revolution by the workers, which overthrew bourgeoisie. Therefore, proletarians rely on positions and unite so they established a communist state. This means that when there were no more class, this bring about equality in the society. In contrast, for fascism, there might be collaboration between classes, which are the riches and poors. They do not abolish classes in order to make everyone equal as communism. It is noticed that Fascism is different from socialism in terms of ignoring the unity of classes. They are more realistic unlike communism, which is idealistic. Regarding to private property, there were so much different in details, In Fascism, the means of production largely remained in private sectors. In contrast, in the communist system, the means of production belong to the lower classes, which means that infrastructure and factories were state…show more content…
Fascists are a totalitarian state. They abolish democracy in which the government could do several kinds of activities, for instance; the leader and government have absolute power in both economic and political sectors. They used propaganda by creating the false dichotomy to people. The government use censorship, or controlling of the media to the state. However, they opposed and used violence to their political opponents, or even deported them. Additionally, they created an idea of nationalism and union of people in the state as a sense to develop the nation. In addition, the system supported traditions and industrialized development, and people had to bound for the moral laws. For Mussolini, he is similar to a one man show in which all will and power rise to the leader. People had to have faith and loyal to the spiritual leader, Mussolini, as a god-like. In terms of power, it maybe sounds isolated for fascism, while the communist system focuses on the majority or collective rather than one specific person. Communism does not rely on domestic but international because the ideas were spread into many countries, such as Russia and China, while another focuses only within the state. As can be seen, fascism is a combination of liberal and conservative ideas whilst Marx refused using both of

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