What It Means To Be A Korean-American Essay

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What it means to be a Korean-American South Koreans are considered to be the fastest growing Asian minority in America. Which means there are more and more second-generation Koreans being born in the US and are becoming more Americanized, changing their culture and recreating their ethnicity. There are many things that determine what a Korean-American is. Their parents, as well as American society have influenced and shaped what they have become in today’s society and how their views have somewhat shifted a little. Certain views on family, language, religion, cultural ideas, and social interaction. Firstly, the view that hasn’t changed a whole lot in Korean culture, even when Koreans immigrated to America, is their view on family. “Family life is based on a system that emphasizes obedience to superiors.” In Korean culture, family is the most important element. So, as the quote says, it is a system where the younger must have respect and obedience for their elders because that is culturally correct. Koreans are strongly family…show more content…
For Korean-American’s, it’s a big thing. Since their parents are straight from Korea, most Korean parents only speak Korean to their children. Which means they have poor English skills and if needed, they will speak in broken English. This impacts their children greatly. For example, my Korean-American friend can only speak Korean, but not read and write it. There was also a study on this specific topic where they studied Koreans in California and it showed that Koreans at the age of 30 and younger are fluent in English but not Korean as opposed to ages 30 and older it showed that they were only fluent in Korean. This shows that Korean-Americans are growing away from their roots and adapting to their new environment. Reading and writing Korean is not a big deal for Korean-Americans due to the fact that they live in the United States and do not have a need for that skill

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