Judging Others In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Judging Others Judgmental; who me? No! I’m not judgmental at all. Some of us has said that at one point in time. But to be brutally honest, being judgmental is something we as people do all the time. Ask yourself these questions How many times have a stranger, co-worker, family, friends have judged you? How many times have you judged someone? Being judgmental is a part of our society. With all the different ethnicities and nationalities, we are all were worried about how people see us. So, is it our human nature to judge? Were we born that way? When we judge someone, we are making a moral judgment based on personal opinion. There is always apart of our minds that’s always judging and comparing. Some of us like doing it for it makes us feel…show more content…
In the New King James Version of the Bible Matthew 7:1 says “Judge not, that you be not judged.” However, in Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story Young Goodman Brown you will see religious Brown becomes judgmental of his wife and townspeople. Hawthorne's story is about a Christian man named Goodman Brown who is newly married to his wife Faith. Goodman takes a journey for an evil purpose. While walking through the forest down the dark and scary path, He meets an older man with a snake-shaped staff. This man looks like Brown but as an older version and he turns out to be the devil. As they continue to walk in the dark path of the forest, they came across people that Brown knows from his village of Salem in Puritan which they turn out to be evil and worship the devil. Goodman Brown reached a tree stump and decided not to continue, so the devil left him there. While sitting there, Goodman saw more of the people from his village including his wife Faith, heading into the forest to worship the devil. Goodman follows a red light and the sinful lyrics sung by wild voices. When he reached the clearing, the devil began speaking to the Puritan’s. Brown, began to see the people as sinners. At that moment he was about to lose his faith and join the village people as a sinner until he sees his wife faith. She gives him the strength to resist to the devil and not loses his faith. Then all of a sudden, he awakens from a horrible nightmare. Because of his dream, Brown lost trust and faith in his fellow Puritans. He kelp his feelings to himself didn’t let the village people even his wife know that he mistrusted them due to the fact he didn’t want to reveal that he too was in the forest and tempted by the devil. Because of what he experienced in the woods. Brown started judging the people of Puritan including his wife. He felt that they were all devil worshippers and sinners, not truly knowing if they where devil worshippers or

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