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Forensic Science and Biological Science personal statement DRAFT The application of how scientific investigations are used to uphold the law has fascinated me into the Forensic Science field. Throughout my years of studying science and learning how different means and approaches are widely used in order to solve crimes, I have realised that science is an essential part of life as it applies to almost every scenario especially in the event of finding answers to questions related to legal situations i.e. crime scene investigation. My interest in this field arose from my early years as a child when a fatal incident took place outside my house which led me to become more aware of my surroundings and revealed the importance of science to establish…show more content…
This equipped me with a variety of skills such as; a logical and analytical approach to investigation and problem-solving, an enquiring mind, highly developed observation skills, the ability to work alone and in a team, and lastly the ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure. I have widened my knowledge on numerous analytical and problem solving skills from the laboratory experiments which gave me the opportunity to use a variety of laboratory techniques for instance; Gel electrophoresis, infrared spectroscopy, and the three types of chromatography which I believe are essentials in the Forensic Science field. As well as gaining knowledge in the science area, my study in Applied Law has given me an insight to the many aspects within the law field from the hierarchy of the court systems to how the court and legal systems work. Applied Law has made me challenge myself in order to solve real life legal problems on a daily basis. I am aware of the Court proceedings, and the many different roles included inside the Court. This is shown through by involvement in a few court proceedings in Snaresbrook Crown Court in which I witnessed a variety of criminal cases, widening my knowledge in the Law

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