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Ludlow Massacre was an unfortunate and horrific event for many innocent men, women and children, which occurred on Monday April 20, 1914. This event was one of history’s most dramatic conflict between a company and its labors. The company, Colorado Fuel and Iron Company was owned and controlled by John D. Rockefeller Jr., who lived around 2,000 miles away from Southern Colorado. It all began in September 1913, when the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) held a strike against the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. The cause of strike was because of the worker’s struggling to earn enough money for them and their families to survive and also the regulations the company made in regards of their pay, in which they could only spend in company stores.…show more content…
This means that workers could never get the chance to send their money to their families or to invest. Over 13,000 miners and their families soon relocated out of the nearly unlivable houses the company supplied and arranged tents to live in, in which the land were provided by ex-miners who sympathized and supported the strike. There were many people supporting this strike, including Louis Tikas and John Lowson who were the leading figures of this strike and Mother Jones, who was a popular individual who often visits the tent housings, in which she gave motivational speeches and showed faith towards the strikers. However, Mother Jones was sent to prison not long after and workers were threatened as the coal company started to rage. On Monday April 20, 1914, the first attack occurred in the tent colony in an attempt to force the miners to go back to work by scaring them. Five strikers and one soldiers shot were the results of this shooting. Additionally, two women and eleven children were killed. In mid-October, Rockefeller requested four machine guns, in which they installed into a car called the ‘Death

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