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IS SOPHOCLES’S ANTIGONE A PERFECT TRAGEDY? WHY OR WHY NOT? Sophocles is a prehistoric Greek critic and logician, who wrote one of the supreme stories of all era, Antigone. Sophocles is as well said to be an individual of the utmost minds in the early world. This essay discusses about Antigone accomplishments and period of Sophocles. The effort of Sophocles is well thought-out the excellence of tragedy. He is questionably the most excellent, antique, and contemporary day tragedian author yet to refine the pages of point in time. The subject of Antigone had huge contact in my existence. Antigone had a firm stand up that outlay her final surrender, her existence. I understand the similar strength of mind, physically powerful will,…show more content…
Antigone is certainly a charitable being and has dedicated no offense up to her result to offer her brother, a good interment (Polynieces). There is no hesitation that Antigone is upright and an individual of significance in Thebes. She was listed to get married to the son of king (Haemon), in addition to was well thought-out a princess. Aristotle stated that the characteristic of an excellent individual was primary and nearly all significant when having a tragic temperament. The information that Antigone is a female has no disparity, since Aristotle specifically whispered, "still a lady might be superior, though the female might be thought to be a lesser individual." Aristotle's subsequent ruling for formatting a tragic quality is that the self must aspire politeness. The personality effort towards being an improved individual. Antigone shows this next principle by attempting fetches in respect to her relations by offering an honest funeral (Polynieces). By entrancing this accountability, and by Ismene’s denial in her offense, Antigone states that she has got a superior bravery inside herself compared to what she had obsessed prior to. In rejection way does the king obey Aristotle's guideline? All through the cooperate, he does not agree to observe the end of sight as additional populace, just like when Haemon attempts to explain to him, and he ignores the sightless seer, (Tiresias), when he warned king of his

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