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Ramon Wise November 21, 2014 CCR 092 Argument essay Rough draft Innocent Mockingbirds Currently, discrimination exists without a doubt in the 21st century. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird the character Tom Robinson is symbolized as a mockingbird, which are gentle and innocent living beings. Symbolism is definitely used throughout the novel. The symbolism discloses the prejudice of the citizens throughout the town of Maycomb. Tom Robinson’s physical and social death affects a 21st century audience more. For instance, the Michael brown case and Rodney King incident were massive cases of racial and social prejudice throughout mass media. Prejudice, in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, is described as the hell people give other people, Tom Robinson is an example of racial and social prejudice in the 21st century. Racism is discrimination and hatred slurs against a particular racial group. Tom Robinson for instance is an example of discrimination. In the Novel to kill a Mockingbird Tom Robinson is…show more content…
But for some odd reason it’s the public. Even though many African Americans live in the ghettos, it’s unjust to tie them down for most crimes such as gang wars. The media contributes to 90 percent of racial discrimination being exposed to the public. For instance, Tom Robinsons case being exposed on today’s news would be a huge media stun. The main feature of the novel pushes to identify racial prejudice. In the novel Tom Robinson is being persecuted for the rape of a white woman, which he never committed. He is purely being prosecuted for being black. Tom is accused of raping a white girl, he was found guilty, and not to mention he was murdered by a lynch mob. Today, such actions as the Michael Brown case where an innocent teenager was murdered by an officer. Tom Robinson and Michael Brown are both innocent mockingbirds and African American men exposed to

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