To Kill A Mockingbird Reflection Essay

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Throughout the first three chapters of the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, the main character, Scout, has experience a few changes to her perspective towards other. Scout used to be a little shy and a troublesome little girl. She was considered rude at first, but she is only a first grader, and children need to learn the rights and the wrongs, she was blameless. She could yell at someone for doing something that she considered as “wrong”. But she is eager to give someone her knowledge about the families of Maycomb. Scout actually developed quite fast because it would’ve taken a normal person some time to build up their courage on the first day of school to talk back at the teacher, but Scout knew she had to say something, so she did. Scout was considered rude by her new teacher, miss Caroline. Actually, Scout wasn’t intended to talk back at her teacher; she was just trying to point something out. Scout was a good reader; her reading skills were more advance than what she should know at her age. Miss Caroline thought that her dad must’ve taught her how to read, so she told Scout to tell her father to stop teaching her. “He hasn’t taught me anything,”…show more content…
She was a jerk to Walter Cunningham by attacking him because he got her in trouble and yelling at him for “ruining his food”. But Jem told her to stop fighting him and Calpurnia told her not to judge his own choices. Scout also taught miss Caroline about the Cunningham family, and some other families of Maycomb. But if people could see through her perspective, she was only stating her personal opinion, even if she used it incorrectly. She is just a child anyway. Scout learned more through experience. And Scout can be a proper lady
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