Similarities Between Lee And Langston Hughes

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Harper Lee and Langston Hughes are indubitably two of the most significant writers of their time. Hughes and Lee were unapologetic and brusque in their writing. They communicated authentically about living in there era. Lee wrote about her childhood and the bias, she saw in her small town. Hughes addressed his issue of being alien in a white world. Two very different people wrote about the same material in very different ways. Hughes confessed his story using a vengeful poem. Hughes had ideas that others would be ashamed for what they did. Lee conveyed her narrative through a children’s tale. In doing this, the concepts that were unthinkable and atrocious were reduced by a youth’s reflection of the world. Both Lee and Hughes, with their individual approaches told a story like no other.…show more content…
I too, was published in 1945. Langston Hughes was a poet, playwright and novelist. He was an African- American man in a time of abhorrence, malevolence and discrimination. He was cast away and treated worse than trash because of his skin pigmentation. Hughes often wrote plays and poems about his struggles. In stanza one of ‘I too,’ he states: “I am the darker brother… They send me to eat in the kitchen” In his era, this was a bitter truth for much of the populace. Hughes later states in stanza three “Besides… They’ll see how beautiful I am… And be ashamed—” Hughes used foreshadowing that he didn’t even know would occur later in history. Nowadays, Americans don’t like to discuss the bigotry and ignominy that was maintained for many lifetimes. Hughes wasn’t afraid to accept who he was and had faith in a better

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